The Bank

Donato Hanover - Lantern Kronos

Born: 2012    /    Record: 1.08.,9    /    Purse: USD 1.110.300

By DONATO HANOVER 2,1:55; 3,1:50.1 ($2,998,777) Sire of 269 in 2:00, 84 in 1:55 from 616 foals, 328 winners from 439 starters and 83 earning over $100,000, including: SHAKE IT CERRY (M) 3,1:51.2 ($2,786,104), CHECK ME OUT (M) 3,1:51.2 ($1,903,795), D'ONE (M) 1:51.3 ($1,268,611), BROADWAY DONNA (M) 3,1:51.1-'16 ($1,195,994), THE BANK 3,1:50.4 ($1,110,300), UNCLE LASSE 3,1:51.4f ($931,268), YOUR SO VAIN 3,1:52.4 ($681,537), DESIGNED TO BE (M) 3,1:51.3f ($656,166), POSSESS THE WILL 2,1:54 ($618,262), WOMANS WILL (M) 3,1:54.1f-'16 ($602,991).Total earnings of $35,708,374.

LANTERN KRONOS 2,1:58; 3,1:52.3 ($1,009,175) by Viking Kronos. 14 wins, 2 thru 4. Dan Patch, Nova, O'Brien 3-Year-Old Trotting Filly of the Year in 2008. At 2, winner Early Closer at Lexington; second in Bluegrass S., John Simpson Mem., Early Closer at Lexington (2). At 3, winner elim. Elegantimage S., Final Elegantimage S., American-National S., World Trotting Derby Filly S., Bluegrass S., Casual Breeze T., heat Kentucky Filly Futy., elim. Hambletonian Oaks, Reynolds Mem.; second in Final Hambletonian Oaks, Final Moni Maker T.; third in Final Matron S. At 4, second in elim. Armbro Flight T.; third in Final Armbro Flight T. From 4 foals, dam of 3 winners, 2 in 1:55, 3 in 2:00, including:

THE BANK 2,1:53.4; 3,1:50.4 ($1,110,300) (Donato Hanover). 7 wins at 2 and 3. At 2, winner Bluegrass S., Pennsylvania All-Stars; second in elim. Breeders Crown at Meadowlands, leg Kindergarten Classic Ser. at Meadowlands. At 3, winner Breeders Crown at Woodbine, leg Pennsylvania Sires S. at Philadelphia, Final Pennsylvania Sires S. at Pocono, American-National S., Stanley Dancer T.; second in Colonial T., elim. Goodtimes T., Final Goodtimes T., Bluegrass S., elim. Hambletonian S., elim. Canadian Trotting Classic.

KING ON THE HILL 2,1:54.2-'16 ($89,775) (Muscle Hill). 2 wins at 2. At 2, winner elim. Peter Haughton Mem., leg

Kindergarten Classic Ser. at Vernon; second in Final New Jersey Sires S. at Meadowlands, Champlain S., elim. Wellwood Mem.

HOLLYWOOD HILL (M) 2,1:56.2 ($69,964) (Muscle Hill). 3 wins at 2. At 2, winner Reynolds Mem., leg New Jersey Sires S. at Meadowlands, leg Kindergarten Classic Ser. at Meadowlands; second in International Stallion S., leg Kindergarten Classic Ser. at Lexington; third in leg Kindergarten Classic Ser. at Vernon.


Height 160 cm, length 160 cm.

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Stud fee CAD 5.000

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