Chapter Seven - Steamy Windows

Born: 2016    /    Record: 1-08,4    /    Purse: 2.701.075 USD

Gimpanzee raced against the best from his debut to his last start for trainer Marcus Melander. For example, he won the Breeders Crown at two, three and four years old! In between, Gimpanzee triumphed in the Yonkers Trot and Hambletonian Maturity. Mother Steamy Windows has also left Iteration 1.09,1a/$780,818 who was second in the Hambletonian Oaks and this year two-year-old Thinker Monkey, who earned over $100,000, including through the triumph in the New Jersey Classic.
Expectations for Gimpanzee are enormous, as demonstrated not least by the great interest at this year's auctions. He topped the average price among the stallions in both Lexington ($168,238) and Harrisburg ($153,857). In Harrisburg, his average was $10,000 more than runner-up Muscle Hill and at Lexington, his sire Chapter Seven was second – over $30,000 behind Gimpanzee!

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John Cashman Memorial John Cashman Memorial
Breders Crown 2020 Breders Crown 2020


Stud fee USD 20,000

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