We are not a freezing lab, nor do we collect or test the semen prior to freezing. This is a crucial part of the chain, and here we work with the most experienced and respected companies/individuals in the industry to ensure that the frozen semen holds the highest quality.


Offspring has a central place of storage for all the semen we handle, a company specializing in frozen semen and the distribution of it. This means that you as a stallion owner only ship to one location in Europe. During the season you will receive detailed reports every other month showing # of mares booked, bred and in foal. At the end of every season you also receive a report that shows the total # of straws used, the # of doses per pregnancy and heat-cycles per mare in foal.


In the year the foal arrive, we invoice the breeder, collect any stud fees, issue any required certificates and in the fall remit the balance to the owner/syndicate of the stallion.



We offer our clients several different services managing the horses through their stud career. Through the years we have been working with most of the big farms in the business, which has given us a contact surface spanning all over the trotting world. This gives us the opportunity to find the optimal studfarm for your horse.


Regarding the marketing of the horse we use people that are familiar with the industry in each market. Some of them are journalists, other have been board members of the Breeding Associations etc.


All the necessary administration is handled from our office in Lund, Sweden.